Columbia @ Liverpool O2 Academy

Columbia formed in 2017, are the new Rock n Roll band coming out of the North West. Created by a working-class group of mates with no musical experience, just the obsession of being in a proper Rock n Roll band, the type that’s has been missing for over a decade.

Since they formed, Columbia have developed into one of the best bands coming out of Liverpool – selling out gigs across the North West and playing in smaller festivals up & down the country. Having already made around 20 -25 songs of their own, mostly in your face Rock n Roll but with a mix of the softer melodies they are proving to be the full package at gigs. Lyrics are mostly written by bassist Jonny Echo and translated through the sound of Columbia in Alex Sheppo, the melodic sounds & rifts coming from Guitar-men Jay Sweeney & Tom Comer completed by the raw edge of drummer Jay Culkin.

The influences of Columbia consist of bands like The Verve, Oasis, Rolling Stones, Stone Roses & The Beatles. This is where their music mindset lies and the absence of there likes since, Columbia are ready to bring the best of British Rock back with a fresh new sound.

Columbia released their debut single BTG on Friday 30th August on all platforms!